Easter in Mallorca is a very special time of year. Coincides with the beginning of spring and it is a religious, spiritual but also cultural and artistic event. If you decide to visit us this time of year you should view the processions. Are held in every village. We also recommend the "Davallament" Good Friday is represented this play in front of the church of Felanitx narrating from the Last Supper to the crucifixion of Jesus.

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The Mallorcan are traditional and fun people who are involved so much in the popular festivals of its towns. In winter the most popular festivals are the bonfires of Sa Pobla or Manacor but are held in almost every village. People gather around the fire for dinner and then dancing. Each village organizes its summer festivals in honor of its patron. They usually last a week and include different events: games, dances, concerts, exhibitions, book presentations... People decorate the streets and meets in the center to enjoy the various events. San Roc in Porreres, San Bartomeu in Ses Salines, St. Agustí in Felanitx are some examples.  

Fairs and markets

Trade is certainly one of the most important economic activity of the island is part of our culture and our tradition. Throughout the year there are fairs and markets around the island usually each town has its weekly market and one or two annual fairs. Here we leave a link with the dates of fairs and markets.

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