Our Story

1930: The beginnings

Rosa Mora and Gabriel Vaquer bought this property to increase their fields, agriculture was their livelihood and that of their family. This property passed to their youngest daughter Elisabet Maria.


Between the 50's and 60's Elisabet Maria and her husband Jaime Oliver built their residence on the property and raised calves, had a dairy cow and a vegetable garden. They planted the wonderful orange trees whose oranges we squeeze at our breakfasts. In addition they were dedicated to the drying of apricots as it was Spico in the whole area of Porreres.

End of the 1980s: the reform.

At the end of the 80's Micaela and José started the renovation work on the farm which lasted for more than 10 years. They transformed the farm into the Agroturismo it is today. They also continued with the agricultural conservation work, expanding the crops under the guidelines of organic farming and betting on a green energy model. Currently our property operates with an independent energy system based on the exploitation of photovoltaic energy.

1996: Opening

In 1996 we opened the doors of our agritourism for the first time and we started to host wonderful people who have accompanied us until today, some of these customers continue to visit Perola every year. This makes us very proud, so to all of you, thank you very much!


The new generation. In the early 2000's we (sisters Elisabet and Victòria) joined the Perola team to continue the work of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. We take care of every detail of the process so that each person who comes to our house can make their vacations an unforgettable experience. We are waiting for you!

Be part of our history!

We will be here for whatever you need.